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AS Apothecary are a Sussex based skincare brand devoted to creating sustainably made botanical products.

Founded by Amanda Saurin, this small batch distillery creates natural scents, creams, aromatic waters and balms from flowers, bark, leaves, roots, blossom and moss that they grow or pick wild in the fields, mountains and gardens of Sussex, Cyprus and Scotland. For Saurin, the focus is on utilising her knowledge of plant therapeutics, flower oils and the positive psychological benefits of scent to inform her blends, enabling products to effectively rejuvenate the skin, while soothing the emotions.

The AS Apothecary business has grown from a respect for thoughtful, traditional processes. AS Apothecary production is a slow, meditative process, a precise art that has been passed from hand-to-hand, drawing on generations of healers, travelers and makers.

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