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APPAREAL is a Swiss, luxury womenswear label that offers fresh new designs inspired by women who are on the go, striving to achieve the best in every role that they play.

Breathable and ultra-comfortable, these stylish garments give you the confidence to perform at your best from work to cocktail. Best of all, the high-tech Italian fabrics don’t need dry-cleaning or ironing, simply Wash, Hang, Wear! In fact, every item in the range, including outerwear, dresses, trousers and shirts, is washable in a washing machine, just like a t-shirt.

APPAREAL is on a sustainable mission, with all fabrics OEKO-TEX certified, made from recycled sources wherever possible. They manufacture in certified, solar-powered factories in Europe to minimise transportation. Caring for the garment is easy, eliminating the need to use toxic dry-cleaning chemicals. And independent tests from the laboratories of the world’s largest fabric care manufacturer demonstrated that our dresses can be washed 35 times and remain looking like new: #30wears and beyond.


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