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ARgENTUM is a London based skincare brand, using the inherent strength of Silver Hydrosol and DNA HP to create unique and powerful Skincare. Throughout founder Joy Isaac’s life she has used silver infused sprays as a healing product, but it was after a dream that she realised her clear vision to use the power of silver in skincare.

Isaac’s focus has since been on establishing a range of products from natural origins that deliver ground-breaking science. ARgENTUM’S patented formula includes Silver Hydrosol, positively charged silver ions which are suspended in pharmaceutical-grade purified water, that has powerful natural anti-irritant and antibacterial properties helping to regulate skin flora, increase the process of tissue protection while decreasing the effects caused by oxidative stress.

Throughout ARgENTUM, Isaac embraces our key archetypal energies. Her pursuit of balance and beauty within, forms the basis of the brands twelve archetypes from which the design and products are based.

Research and quality are at the core of ARgENTUM, the brand currently produces just four products yet have received multiple awards and widespread industry recognition for their innovative approach to skincare.

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