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Cleverstein offers modular elegant footwear solution for women on the move. The brand is on a mission to create more space, comfort and eliminate environmental impact from its production operations. The shoes transform to match various attires in your wardrobe. Handcrafted, timeless and made-to-last classics, they come in black and nude colours and in half-sizes. 

The array of shoe accessories reflect fashion trends, colours in your wardrobe and fit various occasions: formal, casual, and evening. They believe women don’t need different coloured flats/heels – instead the shoes decor can meet the stylistic variation. The shoes are proudly comfortable and blister-free: all problematic parts have been thoughts through to keep your feet healthy and rested throughout your busy day.

Cleverstein aims to achieve 4Rs in their circular life: Reduce, Regenerate, Repair, Recycle. Reducing waste by making shoe accessories from their partner-brands’ scrap, Regenerate oxygen and forestry by planting a tree for every pair made, encourages shoe Repairs and take your worn off shoes back for recycling in exchange for discounts.


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