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Ecoalf is a ready-to-wear and accessories brand that create innovative pieces using recycled materials.

The brand was founded by Javier Goyeneche after he grew frustrated with the amount of waste produced in industrialised countries. He embarked on a mission to develop breakthrough technology that would allow him to create clothing, accessories and footwear utilising only waste products such as plastic bottles, fishing nets, tyres and coffee. Ecoalf has now developed over 250 fabrics made from plastic bottles, recycled nylon, used tires, post consumed cotton and wool.

Through their foundation, Ecoalf launched Upcycling the Oceans,
a project that saw them first partner with fishermen on the Mediterranean Coast to collect waste that is destroying our oceans and is now being successfully replicated in Thailand.

Goyeneche has garnered global acknowledgment as an innovator, and Ecoalf has collaborated on product lines with international conglomerates such as Starbucks and Apple, advocating for the use of recycled materials.

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