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INDOI is a London-based clothing brand, launched on International Women’s day 2019, by founder Mallika Chaudhuri in close collaboration with her aunt Maheen Khan. INDOI, an ancient name given to the people of the Indus Valley, the brand celebrates a legacy of strong women before them and is an expression of the rich cultural heritage of its region, steeped in artisan tradition and exquisite craftsmanship.

The garments tells the story of a family, a culture and a craft. The master-craftsmen creates each unique piece using ancient techniques from the Indus Valley. Their individual passion, skill and expert attention to detail shines through in their work – from the cut of the cloth to the intricate hand-embroidered finish. INDOI aims to reignite these dying crafts. INDOI only uses high quality, natural, hand woven fabrics and collaborates with a rehabilitation centre for children in Pakistan SRSC. Each piece is designed with the utmost care and thought, to make each garment versatile, adaptable and timeless.


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