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Iota is a design company with a social mission, striving to create luxurious handmade objects for the interior, through traditional hand-craftsmanship, while creating jobs for otherwise unemployed people worldwide. Currently working in communities with high unemployment in Israel, the brand teach women crochet knitting and then employ them to earn an honest living. The majority of profits from IOTA’s product sales are then invested in welfare and educational programs worldwide. Iota’s mission can be carried out anywhere and is not bound by geography or culture in reflection of the belief that knitting is an international language, with global terms and signs, permitting knitters to overcome distance, culture and language difficulties, with the ability to connect communities worldwide.

Iota’s handmade products have a past, a background and a memory in proof that regardless of the infinite possibilities that technology offers, people still seek a personal and unique hand print that fill emotional and practical needs.

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