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La Pochette

La Pochette is highly functional; addressing the needs of modern living whilst promoting positive sustainable habits, allowing urban dwellers to maintain balance in their lives whilst making practical changes for social good. Each design is inspired by how we live and travel today, solution-led products which offer stylish alternatives to the single use plastics which needlessly exist such as wet kit bags dispensed in gyms, studios and hotels and liquids bags used momentarily in airport security by millions of passengers every day.

La Pochette disrupts these scenarios, offering environmentally friendly alternatives including lightweight water-resistant kit pouches made from recycled plastic which fit inside day bags and are antimicrobial, odour-repellent, machine washable. A series of waterproof bags, also made from recycled plastics, ideal for water-based sports or the beach are accompanied by additional lifestyle accessories for travel including cabin approved, biodegradable and infinitely reusable travel pouches. Vegan friendly and designed in multiple sizes for any eventuality, they pair with solvent free refillable travel bottles which leave ‘travel minis’ disposable bottles obsolete. Promoting awareness around the issue of single use plastics and their damaging effects on the environment whilst providing a stylish alternative is what drives the La Pochette brand.


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