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Mother of Pearl

Mother of Pearl is an East London based ethically conscious, luxury womenswear brand. Under the creative direction of Amy Powney, the brand embarked on a fascinating three year mission to understand and develop the company‘s sustainable practices. This meant producing a sustainable collection that pushes the boundaries of transparency, social responsibility and environmental awareness within the fashion supply chain, as well as creating internal business practices, such as a package-free locally sourced vegetarian lunch scheme.

Powney’s dedication to sustainability is inspirational, in many ways, a reflection of her childhood growing up in the North of England off-grid, living in a caravan. Through her ‘No Frills’ line, the designer’s focus was on supply chain and accountability. This meant tracing every fibre and fabric used back to its source, in a bid to reduce carbon footprint, improve their social impact and protect animal welfare.

Powney’s goal is to ultimately create the best quality products using the best possible practices.

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