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MyriamSOS is a contemporary fine jewellery designer utilising recycled metal and pioneering design to produce, hand-crafted, ethically sourced pieces.

Founder, Myriam Soseilos, produces each piece from materials that are sourced responsibly, with careful consideration for the environment and social impact. 90% of the precious metal used in MyriamSOS pieces is 100% recycled and paired in her designs with fully traceable conflict-free diamonds which are laser-inscribed with a tracking number tracing the stone back to the mine.

Soseilos handcrafted designs consistently push boundaries. Although renowned for her use of MRI images to create bespoke pieces, Soseilos’ work is epitomised in the award-winning Transformers Collection. The collection features unique pieces with different capabilities with the In/out Eternity Ring capable of being reconfigured in as many as 18 different ways.

From Positive Luxury to TedX, Soseilos has achieved global recognition for her innovation within the industry.

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