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Meaning ‘healing through the bee’, Therapi is a British-born indie skincare brand specializing in certified organic honey-based skin nutrition. Harnessing the therapeutic properties of raw honey to treat your skin, Therapi blends this liquid sunshine with powerful, nutrient-rich botanical extracts to create products that hydrate, brighten and rejuvenate the skin to restore you to your natural radiance and vitality.

Founded by a beekeeper-biologist, mother-daughter duo, Therapi has evolved from the shared ethos that nature’s rich biodiversity offers everything we need for our true wellbeing. Pioneering a new approach to beauty, Therapi works to live in balance with nature, boosting our health and narrowing the gap between ecology and the economy. Close to nature, pure and effective, gentle on you and the planet. As a thank you to the wild, 5% of profits support bee conservation work.


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