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tinyOm is an ethically sourced jewellery brand, hand-crafted by skilled artisans in Bahrain. Founder, Virginie Dreyer aptly named the brand after the Om mantra, which celebrates the original vibration of the universe, a reflection of her goal to create pieces with symbolic value and meaning, reflective of her desire for purity, simplicity and beauty.

Highlighting craftsmanship in the Middle East, all tinyOm creations are made by skilled artisans in the workshop of Al Zain Jewellery House of Bahrain, the oldest jewellery house in the region, using ethically sourced gold, diamonds and gemstones. Virginie’s designs weave a precious link between soul and world, each piece of her original Chakra collection represents one of the seven chakras, often adorned with a coloured gemstone symbolizing the emotion linked to the lotus flower.

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