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Vintage Sister, is a modern, honest and responsible fashion brand. Vintage Sister’s focus is giving pre-loved clothing a second, third, or perhaps fourth chance at life. They believe that vintage and pre-loved clothing is the perfect way to be sustainable and stylish at the same time. Selecting beautiful pieces from the 1920s to 2000, there on a mission to discover hidden gems from forgotten wardrobes and secret archives; each selected piece is unique and has an inspiring story to tell.

By buying and selling vintage you don’t contribute to the resource, energy and labour or mass production, which is neither environmentally friendly or sustainable. Vintage clothing is crucial for advancing circularity in fashion. It ensures that clothes are re-loved, reused and repurposed. This helps to divert them from being needlessly dumped into landfill. Sharing will be an essential part of environmentalism, some pieces that were originally designed for men, are perfectly suitable for women too.

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